“A unique vintage that may not be so common in the future.”

Mother Nature has a track record of rewarding grape farmers and winemakers the year after a challenging vintage, and we were hoping grape harvest history would repeat itself with an incredible vintage in 2018 to follow the extremely difficult 2017.  Patience was a virtue here, and the rewards were more than we could have asked for.

Truly, we aren’t kidding when we tell you how perfect this growing season was, because we were seriously waiting for harvest to start.  But all that waiting around meant that the even growing season gave us longer hang time, which means better chemistry and sugars on the vine – and all THAT means is better wine in your bottle.

Some bullet points on this vintage:

  • smoothest harvest on record
  • never had to force a picking decision ahead of rain or a hot spell
  • potential for greatness seen early in the season
  • relaxed pace with excellent development of flavors and retention of great natural acidity
  • reminiscent of the 2003 and 2012 vintages with respect to yields, flavors and weather
  • great structure and concentration due to the long growing season
  • harvest started a good 2 weeks later than in recent years – what we used to have ‘back in the day’
  • benefits? oh you betcha: sweet tannins, outstanding color and brightness, depth of fruit, naturally beautifully balanced wines

In no previous vintage have aroma and flavor maturity tracked sugar accumulation so closely.

In short, 2018 won the “Most likely to succeed” award.


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