Shipping & Other Information

“If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

This is one of those pages that is boring, but necessary. Please read so we’re all on the same page.

SHIPPING IS TYPICALLY HALTED DURING THESE HOT MONTHS (however, we can ship Next Day Air via UPS for a premium)

* We can ship to 17 states: CA / CO / DC / FL / GA / IL / MI / MN / MO / NC / NY / OH / OR / PA / TX / WA / WY (Coming soon –> MA, VA)

* All Large Formats (magnums and double magnums) will come with shipping charges.

* No 3rd party shipping, unless you have an account with one of these shipping companies  (we can provide you with a list of local shippers).

* We ship UPS ground, but offer UPS Next Day Air (for a premium price).

* You can choose to pick up Tongue Dancer Wines at the winery. We can say howdy.

* If your shipping address is not one of these above states, we can hold your order here at the winery for you (but not FOREVER) and you can come pick her up next time you’re in town. Or you can ship to someone you know in one of our ship-to states above.

* We will ship your wines as soon as we can – well, weather permitting.  We won’t ship when it’s over 75 degrees (ideally) or under 45 degrees.

(Photo Cred goes to the beautiful Meg Houston Maker.)