The Tasting Room

Winery of Happiness

UPDATE: California / Sonoma County

has closed all tasting rooms
is slowly opening its winery doors

has closed all indoor tastings until August 2nd.

There are a myriad of protocols, rules and regulations to follow, and we are doing our best to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.  We’re working on amending our online reservation system, spic-n-span’g* the tasting room, and coming up with a creative way to showcase our wines without the heat and bugs. 

Your online orders (and calls and texts and emails) have literally saved us.  We can’t wait to see you all IN PERSON!  Until then, stay safe and sane (wine will help with that last part).

Our team is still available to you with any questions.  Please reach out at any time via email or phone (707.433.4780).

*The phrase “span-new” meant as new as a freshly cut wood chip, such as those once used to make spoons. In a metaphor dating from at least 1300, something span-new was neat and unstained.

Spic was added in the 16th century, as a ‘spick’ (a spike or nail) was another metaphor for something neat and trim. The British phrase may have evolved from the Dutch spiksplinter nieuw, “spike-splinter new”.  In 1665, Samuel Pepys used spicke and span in his famous diary.  The “clean” sense appears to have arisen only recently

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